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My greatest desire is to create a future where people(children, teens, young adults) aren't defined by their difficulties or disabilities but by their strengths. My goal is to help them discover their truest potential for them by creating a World of Possibilities for them, be it at school, college, work or life. 


Dr Hemalatha R
Neoway Certified Accelerated Learning Skills Coach
Neoway Certified NLP Transformation Coach 
Confidence Coach 



It is about you too!

Hi! I am Dr Hemalatha R, a Neoway Academy Certified NLP Transformation Coach. As a Coach, I am on a mission to connect and engage with children, teens, and adults to unleash their inner potential and discover their magic. Deep Transformation happens from within. I have experienced the power of coaching and NLP in my life, and it has transformed the way I think, feel, and operate.

A coach helps you to discover your infinite potential, overcome your limiting thoughts, beliefs, and explore new ways of seeing, feeling and doing. 

I am a Pediatric Nurse and an exceptional teacher, trainer for over 25 years. I have connected and engaged with teens and young adults to lead a life that is inspiring and productive. My work was fulfilling and rewarding, yet, I sensed a calling to make a difference in more people's lives. In 2018, I embarked on a new journey with NLP and Coaching, and that shifted my perspectives. I was able to experience and witness the power of creating a change within oneself without waiting for others to make changes. 

I believe that people have all the resources within them and make their decisions based on the choices that are known to them at that time. When they become aware of the newer choices, they will make different decisions that make their life more meaningful. The one thing that NLP and Coaching have taught me is that change starts from within and starts with me. I am on the pursuit of reinventing myself and also helping others to discover their fullest potential and feel expansive. 

As a coach, I create and hold a safe space for my clients to erase their limiting thoughts and beliefs, create, magnify and rewrite their goals, desires and dreams. My clients experience potent breakthroughs and expand their consciousness to a new level of being. 

I always believe that it is not "if" but "When" a person recognizes that he/she needs to make a change in their lives and get ready to explore it. 

 As a coach, I will be with you at the sidelines, listening intently, asking powerful questions, at times gently challenging and all the time rooting for you to be the Champion you want to be. When you are ready to change the way you play the game and let yourself be open to endless possibilities, call me for a free discovery session.

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I was always indifferent to subjects that involved memory and always preferred logical subjects like mathematics. After taking this course I have eminently altered my style of learning to a fun and efficient system. It has helped me build habits and cultivated discipline. I have broken my limiting beliefs and changed into a stronger more positive self.

                                                   - Charishma, Student of Class XII

I have gained so much from our sessions, each and every session helped me to improve my focus, gain better clarity on the goals and clear the path to making them happen. The best part about the whole program was in discovering the real me, which happened slowly at the subconscious level. Thank you ma'am for everything.

- Ms Melby Elizabeth Thomas

My name is Rithwik, studying 7th standard, have taken the Accelerated Learning Skills coaching program. I would like to share my experience about this program, it's really a very good course, I have learned so many memory techniques, fast learning methods etc. I am glad that I have learned so many things and I recommend everyone to take up this coaching after this definitely you can see a change in you... Thank you so much Hemalatha mam- my mentor, my guide...

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