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The Confidence SuperPower

A 6-month Coaching Program 

Who is it for?  

A transformational experience for children, teens, men and women who want to unapologetically own their power and purpose in their life.  Confidence is not a skill, it is a habit! 

Confident people draw on their self-belief, exude positivity and stand out from the rest; not because they are the best, but because they are ready to harness the power of self-confidence even in the most difficult of circumstances. 

However, Confidence is something the majority of the people will struggle, one way or the other, throughout their life. People battle with low confidence in different areas: At school, at work, or in relationships.

Some issues that you may face are: 

- Stepping out of the comfort zone is a source of anxiety for you and prevents you from reaching for what you want.

- You operate out of fear and are afraid to speak up 

- You struggle to communicate your ideas with confidence during team meetings or in business presentations

- You are new to the workforce or an experienced professional, but your lack of confidence and the ability to speak up has affected your job or career growth prospects

- You are a writer who has creative blocks and unsure of what you are putting out for your readers

- You want to get on-stage and try stand-up comedy but are too terrified 

- You are an achiever and want to take up professional speaking in events but experience nervousness on stage

- You are a parent of a child who has fear of speaking in class, with teachers and shuts down when they try to communicate or your child excels at spelling, reading but does not have the confidence to speak in front of a group, feels embarrassed and ashamed. 

- You have been struggling with low self-esteem since childhood, have been juggling jobs that are meaningless and are sick and tired of seeing other people get ahead of you in life and career.                                                 

If you are someone who has a strong desire to excel in life but notice that a key ingredient is missing that is essential for success, and know gaining that can help you live your life to the fullest, and yes, that ingredient is the CONFIDENCE SUPERPOWER, then what you need is the support and guidance of a Confidence Coach.  

You will benefit from Confidence Coaching by 

​1. Becoming aware of the blocks, limiting beliefs that stop you from progressing and clearing them

2. Creating an Authentic Vision of 'Who you really want to be' and take measurable steps towards that 

3. Developing  a strong sense of 'Self" and learning to love 'you' and play Big

4. Communicating Confidently and express with clarity

5.  Learning tools and strategies that you will build on for a lifetime



The CONFIDENCE SUPERPOWER Coaching Program is uniquely customized for individuals who are willing to invest energy, focus, time to transform their life. As your Confidence Coach, I will be completely committed to the process, will use Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Deep Inner Transformation Work to help unleash the real You. 


Step 1: Create Powerful Vision and Outcomes: You will come up with a Powerful Vision of the 'Real You' that is aligned, authentic and gets you in control of your future and from a position of power

Step 2: Discover the Blocks and Challenges: We will explore the fears, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs that have blocked your progress

Step 3:  Release and Heal: You will resolve and release the limiting thoughts and beliefs, heal your past 

Step 4: Specific Area Work:  We will explore the strategies in the specific area you want to work on, whether it is communicating confidently, confidence onstage, exam fears or any other challenge that you want to work on 

Step 5: Write a new life story by accessing your innate Confidence: Create empowering thoughts, beliefs and words that you will tell yourself about your potential and you. You will write a new life story that will be authentic and inspiring and generate new meaning and life purpose that aligns with your vision

Step 6: Embrace your superpower and prepare for the future: You will create a growth mindset, be unshakeable in your confidence and apply the tools and strategies for unleashing the confidence in any event in the future. 

If you are ready to harness the CONFIDENCE SUPERPOWER, please fill in the form and I will get in touch with you!

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